Canvas Paintings

Having a mural painted on a wall can create a big impact but sometimes a smaller contained look is needed. Maybe it's a more modern sleek look you are trying to achieve or maybe you want to take your art with you when you move or decide you like it in a different room. In these cases it is better to have your piece painted on canvas.

Some clients in the past have seen something they liked elsewhere but it was not the right size or color. We can create a similar look in the size or color needed but we never copy. Our creations are always original.

Paintings on canvas can be done in almost any size. We have done some as small as 8"x10"" to as large as twelve feet tall. We paint on gallery wrapped or unstretched canvas that can be transported rolled up.

Click on pictures for larger view.

vase peacock
framed canvas italian sunset
cupcake tree
walkway shoe